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Our Mission:
We believe that good food plus good supplementation plus good exercise equals optimal health and ultimately equals disease prevention.
The current "Disease Management System" in the U.S. works like this:  We get sick and go to the Doctor to make us well.  Instead, we propose that you go to your Doctor when you are healthy and work with your health care professional to eat right, supplement, and exercise so that you do not get sick in the first place.   This is truly "Health Care" or  "Prevention".
Today's booming trend is disease prevention.  Perhaps you are a health care professional looking to incorporate prevention into your busy practice, an executive looking to trim health care costs in your business, or a family or individual looking for better health.  Wyoga Wellness Group is here to help.  Our professional staff offers customized Be-Well plans to obtain optimal health.
Take care of your health today to ensure it is there tomorrow.
Invest in your health.   Invest in yourself.  You're worth it.
Georgina E. Hermann - RN, BSN
Contact us:
Wyoga Wellness Group
370 Wyoga Lake Blvd.
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio   44224
Office:  330-475-6468
Introducing Main Street Massage:  
Barry Hatfield

Main Street Massage is located at 9 Aurora Street in the charming Brewster Mansion, located across the street from Hudson's Clock Tower, and fronts the green in Historic Downtown Hudson, Ohio.  We are in Suite 7, on the second floor.  Parking is available in the building parking lot, and on Aurora Street in front of the building (with some posted time restrictions). 
Contact Barry at 330-653-9134 or visit http://Hudson.MassageTherapy.com/ to learn more.
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